Directions: Annual Report 2021

Message from the Directors

One day at the end of last November, we opened the New York Times and immediately saw the front-page headline: “A Cure for Severe Diabetes? For an Ohio Patient, It Worked.” The news article told the moving story of Brian Shelton, the first patient with Type 1 diabetes to be successfully treated with beta cell replacement therapy. As a participant in a clinical trial run by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, he received a transplant of pancreatic beta cells created using stem cells, which gave him his own source of insulin and drastically reduced the need for daily insulin injections.

Science Highlights

The HSCI Community

Directing the HSCI Pipeline
At HSCI, we direct our mission toward making a difference in patients’ lives. In this infographic, we highlight our 2021 accomplishments throughout our pipeline of innovation.


HSCI’s leadership has deep expertise in basic science, translational research, and commercialization.


HSCI faculty are widely recognized as leaders in the fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Meeting Our Scientists

At HSCI Directors’ Calls, supporters have the opportunity to make direct connections with our scientists who are leaders in their field.

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